drop-arm awnings

an awning for each inclination

Drop-arm awnings are a clever combination of vertical and pop-up awnings and are therefore truly multi-talented.
Thanks to the infinitely adjustable drop angle, this awning type allows you to individually regulate the view outside as well as the indirect incidence of light inside. Depending on the model, a continuously adjustable angle of projection of 0° to 180° is possible.
The awning is driven by a gearbox with a hand crank or optionally with a motor.


The VISOMBRA FS6000 is equipped with a wind safety device. This means that at the maximum opening angle, the spring-loaded extension arms are automatically secured. This model comes with a cassette (optionally round or square). Its opening angle is continuously adjustable from 0° to 180°.

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The METRO S3110 is a drop-arm awning without a cassette, i.e. the fabric is open. Therefore, the METRO S3110 is suitable for shading niches, small window and balcony areas where no protective cassette is required. Its projection angle is freely selectable from 0° to 170°.

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The METROBOX FS4200 is the variant with cassette (optionally round or square). The drop angle can be selected from 0° to 150°. The laterally arranged drop arms with internal spring elements guarantee optimum tensioning of the fabric and prevent it from fluttering in the wind.

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