exterior window awnings

Vertikalmarkise - Fenstermarkise


vertical shading solutions for windows

Exterior window awnings are a practical invention and the perfect shield against heat. The direct incidence of the sun's rays can also be regulated. As a positive side effect, this also creates first-class privacy protection. The insulating air cushion between the awning fabric and the window provides effective heat protection.

Exterior window awnings are generally divided into vertical awnings and drop-arm awnings

You can also decide on the type of operation: manually by crank or electrically by radio motor and hand-held transmitter. There are also a variety of accessories and equipment options available at extra cost, such as sun/wind sensors, rain sensors, etc.

STOBAG offers a wide range of models, round or square cassette, choice of colours for fabric and frame, from which you can put together the awning of your choice.

What is the difference between vertical and drop-arm awnings?

Which awning is the right one for you? 
The perfect awning is defined by the place of use and the requirement.
Stobag Vertikalmarkise
vertical awning

Possible with or without full cassette, depending on the model. The cassette is made of corrosion-resistant aluminium.

Optionally equipped with SIR System ™, which works like a zip - i.e. without disturbing light gaps on the side guides.

Many technical extras and accessories available, such as rain sensors, sun and/or wind monitors, etc.

Stobag Fallarmmarkise
drop-arm awning

Drop-arm awnings are a clever combination of vertical and pop-up awnings.

Depending on the model, a continuously adjustable drop angle of 0° to 180° is possible.

The awning is driven by a gearbox with a hand crank or optionally with a motor.

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