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Kassettenmarkise - Terrassen-Balkonmarkise


individual sun protection made to measure

Are you looking for the perfect awning for your terrace or balcony? - The choice of models, colours and awning covers is huge.

Generally, patio and balcony awnings are divided into full cassette awnings, semi-cassette awnings, open style awnings and side-mounted awnings.

You can also decide on the type of operation: manually by crank or electrically by radio motor and hand transmitter. There are also a variety of accessories and equipment options available at extra cost, such as sun/wind monitors, rain sensors, LED lighting, etc.

Our awnings from STOBAG will definitely ensure relaxing hours in the shade on your terrace or balcony.

What is the difference between full cassette, semi-cassette and open style awnings?

Which awning is the right one for you?
The perfect awning is defined by the place of use and the requirement.
Stobag Kassettenmarkise
full cassette awning

The awning fabric and folding arms are protected from wind and weather when the cassette is fully retracted. 

The cassette is made of corrosion-resistant aluminium.

Many technical extras and accessories available, such as rain sensors, sun and/or wind monitors, etc.

Stobag Halbkassettenmarkise
semi-cassette awning

A semi-cassette awning is a mixture between the simple open style awning and the full cassette.

Semi-cassette awnings are open at the bottom, but the weather protection for the awning fabric is similar to that of a cassette awning.. However, the folding arms are on the outside.

Stobag offene Gelenkarmmarkise
open style awing

With an open style awning, the mechanism and fabric shaft are openly visible and not protected.

However, depending on the model, extensions are available such as the STOBAG protective roof, lowerable valances, sun and/or wind monitors and much more.

Stobag Seitenmarkise
side-mounted awning

Stobag side awnings are an ideal protection from wind, lateral sunshine and curious neighbours.

The fabric is stored in a compact aluminium cassette and is ready for use in one easy step.

The side awning has a detachable box system for various applications.

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