semi-cassette awnings

enjoy full sun shade even with a semi-cassette

A semi-cassette awning stands between the simple open folding arm awning and the full cassette.
Semi-cassette awnings are open at the bottom, but the weather protection for the awning fabric is similar to that of a cassette awning. However, the folding arms are on the outside.
The semi-cassette is used when the installation location makes all-round protection by a full cassette unnecessary.
The Stobag SELECTBOX S8250 is operated as standard via a gear with crank – optionally also with an electric motor. Various variants of radio remote controls and controls with sun and wind sensors are available for automation. As a convenience option, the Select-Box can be supplied with a lowerable VolantPlus (120 cm) integrated in the front profile, which provides additional privacy and glare protection.


The SELECTBOX S8250 is a versatile folding arm awning for medium-sized shading areas. This model guarantees a high degree of stability thanks to the triangular support tube technology. As a semi-cassette awning, the SELECTBOX S8250 is open at the bottom.

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