under-glass awnings

mounted inside – for conservatories and patio roofs

Conservatory shades from Stobag ensure the optimum climate and a perfect atmosphere.
A Stobag under-glass awning offers effective sun protection for conservatories and patio roofs. So you can enjoy your time in the conservatory or under your patio roof.
The advantages of an under-glass awning are obvious: the awning fabric is protected when retracted in a compact full cassette. At the same time, the awning fabric is also protected from moisture and dirt when extended, as these awnings are mounted under glass.


The ARNEX PS2500 is the filigree under-glass awning with the ingenious fabric guide SIR-System ™ (Soft Integrated Retaining System), which works like a zip. This ensures maximum stability of the internal fabric guide and does not allow any disturbing light gaps. In addition, gas pressure springs ensure optimum fabric tension.

Stobag Unterglasmarkise

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