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The Sunflex SF42 is designed as a slim aluminium-framed glass sliding door system. This is an ideal slimline sliding solution when thermal performance is not required. It can provide many alternative solutions to any project. Its tensile strength enables extra large glass panels to slide effortlessly, maximising glass areas to provide uninterrupted framed views with minimal sightlines. Offering a twin or triple track, from two to six panels. The versatility of this system enables the panels to open from the centre, slide from one side or to both sides creating additional opening options to your room. The bottom running construction enables large openings to be achieved without additional supports. And there is the option of an extended track, running parallel behind a wall, fixed screen or into a cavity, so that the panels slide completely out of sight, providing 100% clear opening.

system information / features

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height compensation

height differences of up to 20mm could be adjusted in case of bulding subsidences at the upper construction
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on closing and opening the sliding door each adjacent panel respectively is automatically moved by the integrated carrier unit
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locking mechanism

optionally, a handle or lock with a locking mechanism can be used to lock the panels from inside and outside
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drainage and cleaning

a sloping floor construction and optimally shortened rail lengths permit unpressurised drainage and simple cleaning of the floor rail
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height adjustment

to compensate for structural variations the integrated rollers can be adjusted for height by up to 5mm
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maximum transparency, permanent ventilation and protection against driving rain are ensured by a 24mm covering of the panels when closed
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vertical frame

increased resistance to driving rain and wind by vertical frame profiles with brush seals
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ease of operation

smooth movement of the sliding panels by hidden rollers incorporating ball-bearings with noise-inhibiting contact surfaces
profile technology

sliding door system

floor mounted


sliding to the left or right as desired

narrow exterior views

opening types: 2- or 3-track with up to 6 moving casements

fitting technology

follower function for sliding panel means system is easy to use

internal or external locking of the sliding panels is possible

low maintenance and fully guaranteed

running gear system

concealed ball bearing rollers offer a low noise operation with wear-resistant and low maintenance running surfaces

low maintenance, non-corroding hardware components

each panel can weight up to a maximum of 180kg


glazing with toughened safety glass (10mm)



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