Sunflex SF35 Terrassenverglasung mit Vertikalrahmen - AMASVISTA Glass

best views - day or night - rain or sunshine


The Sunflex SF35 double glazed slide and turn offers slim non-thermal aluminium interlocking frames to emphasise your view with only slender aluminium edges. The double glazing not only helps add an additional thermal support it also improves the sound insulation.
An ideal product for all year round, keeping away the worst of the winter weather when used externally. During the summer months it can be opened completely to make the most of these precious times.
This style of door has a single track and offers a single panel opening with then the ability to slide and stack all the remaining panels open. With slide and turn systems the panels are easily slid open around corners if required, with all panels stacking to one or both sides.
A double glazed SF35 surrounding the top of your balcony wall not only helps to keep out the cold wind and rain. But also reduces the surrounding noise making the balcony feel more part of your home. This enclosure can then be completely opened up to take advantage of those warmer times.

system information / features

SUNFLEX Schiebe-Dreh-System SF25 Highlight 07
flush guider arm with dust cover (without disturbing guiding elements)
SUNFLEX Schiebe-Dreh-System SF25 Highlight 02
height compensation profile with horizontal and vertical flange
SUNFLEX Schiebe-Dreh-System SF25 Schnittabbildung
with vertical frame profile for increased tightness
SUNFLEX Schiebe-Dreh-System SF25 Highlight 08
intergrated hinge support system - optimal panel guidance without guide arm when opening and closing
SUNFLEX Schiebe-Dreh-System SF25 Highlight 01
height compensation profile allows a height adjustment of up to 22mm
SUNFLEX Schiebe-Dreh-System SF25 Highlight 09
corner angle continuously adjustable for upper rail and height compensation profile
SUNFLEX Schiebe-Dreh-System SF25 Highlight 03
height adjustment profile with flange; screw cover with clip-on screen
SUNFLEX Schiebe-Dreh-System SF25 Highlight 04
rustproof carriage system fitted with triple smooth-bearing needle bearings; arched intake guide (completely stainless carriage system)
profile technology

aluminium-framed slide and turn system

non-thermally insulated aluminium profiles with insulating glazing

according to DIN 18 025

inward or outward opening of the panels possible

choice of panel partition and sliding direction

height compensation of up to 22mm

option of bottom track that can be recessed in to the floor for a flush finish or a drainage track ideal

certified tests

sound reduction according to DIN EN ISO 10140-3 Rw=30dB

measurement of deflection class 3 according to EN 12211/12210 (20mm glass (4/12/4))

wind suction class 3 according to EN 12211/12210 (20mm Glas (4/12/4))

safety test class 3 according to EN 12211/12210 (20mm Glas (4/12/4))

fitting technology

all fittings are concealed in the profiles

low-wear, non-corroding and low maintenance fittings

inside and/or outside locking and unlocking is possible

locking and unlocking by a user-friendly flat handle

the first panel may be equipped with a profile cylinder lock to prevent unauthorized opening

running gear system

horizontal running mechanism

all metal components of the running mechanism are made of stainless steel

low-noise, wear-resistant, heat- and cold-resistant running surface

the glass panels can be slided from 90° to any angle change up to 180°, including segmented curved radius openings

sealing & ventilation

tongue-and-groove system between the panels

double brush seal with plastic bridge at top and bottom of the glass panels

lower and upper brush gaskets are attached to the panel frames and not to the bottom track


supplied with either 18mm or 20mm double glazing units

subsequent replacement of the glasses is no problem


pressure-free drainage of bottom track by inclined floor construction

internal drainage channel track to remove any condensation or flush track option

end-caps for lateral sealing of the bottom track



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Broschüre Sunflex Schiebe-Dreh-Systeme

slide and turn systems

brochure Sunflex slide and turn systems
Sunflex Prüfungszeugnis SF35 PIV

Sunflex test certificate

Sunflex test certificate SF35 PIV