Markilux open style awning detail

modern and functional design


Markilux’s open style awning systems are a practical and economical entry level offering with all the trademark high quality components and specialised fabrics. Ideally suited to domestic and commercial applications where the awnings is to be installed under and eave or overhang. However, they can be combined with a coverboard.
Markilux offers a superb range of open style awnings for any purpose and any budget.
While the markilux 1300 can be equipped with an inclination adjustment gear for the perfect shade angle, the markilux 930 has a swivel mechanism for horizontal movement. Winner of the Red Dot Design Award, the markilux 1700 is an optical highlight and also ideal as a stretch version for narrow terraces and balconies.

Markilux 1700 offene Gelenkarmmarkise - AMASVISTA Glass

Markilux 1700

open style awning
A European IF design award winner in 2012, the markilux 1700 classic folding arm awning is an elegant open style awning ideal for balconies and patios. With striking design and proven technology, the markilux 1700 offers the strength of the bionic tendon arms with high style, featuring designer end-caps available in polished chrome.
Markilux 1300 offene Gelenkarmmarkise - AMASVISTA Glass

Markilux 1300

open style awning
The markilux 1300 open style folding arm awning sets exacting standards. Its robust folding arms with single steel-link chain, with stainless steel pivot bolts, teflon-coated bushes ensure optimal cover tension and superior solar protection. An attractive front profile with integrated gutter completes the look and ensures water drains away to the sides with ease.
Markilux 930 offene Gelenkarmmarkise - AMASVISTA Glass

Markilux 930

open style awning
The markilux 930 has a unique pivoting mechanism: slim, elegant and extremely compact. Inconspicuous appearance suited to any building facade, with a manually variable pitch up to 80 degrees. Ideally suited for multi floor apartment balcony applications allwoing for top fixture of the awning. When retracted, the awning side cheek and front profile meld into one with only 120mm awning depth.