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Markilux 620 / 625 tracfix Vertikalmarkise - AMASVISTA Glass
Markilux 730 / 830 Fallarmkassettenmarkise - AMASVISTA Glass
Markilux 750 / 850 Vertikalmarkise - AMASVISTA Glass

Exterior window awnings stop heat from entering a home. In contrast, indoor blinds are designed to prevent the further spread of heat throughout your home after it’s already come inside.

Two basic types of exterior window awnings are available:
Gravity fed systems: for windows and openings with very little wind and weather exposure, where the awning fabric is held in position by means of a weighted base bar
Tensioned systems: for high wind conditions, guide tracks and the markilux tracfix system keep the fabric cover taut, even in high winds.
Often motorised for a ‘set and forget’ capability with optional wind and sun sensors, exterior window awnings allow you to maintain your views to the outside with certain fabrics.
You can choose between vertical awnings, drop-arm window awnings, markisolette and triangular shading.

Markilux 620 / 625 tracfix Vertikalmarkise - AMASVISTA Glass

Markilux 620 tracfix / 625 tracfix

vertical awning
Sun protection & privacy screen - the markilux 620 tracfix / 625 tracfix vertical awning is all in one. The tracfix system prevents light gaps between the track and fabric cover. This awning is fitted as standard with a motor. A radio-controlled motor with remote control operation can be fitted as optional accessory.
Markilux 720 / 820 Vertikalmarkise - AMASVISTA Glass

Markilux 720 / 820

vertical awning
A strong vertical awning using a track system, it is neatly installed to a home’s facade. Up to three metres in width, it’s a great choice for shading the exterior of your home and maintaining privacy. Available in a round (markilux 820) or square (markilux 720) head-box design.
Markilux 750 / 850 Vertikalmarkise - AMASVISTA Glass

Markilux 750 / 850

vertical awning
The stainless steel rod system (the alternative to the traditional guide cable) is extremely solid and stable, while its design offers style for any home. This model can suit any window size up to five metres wide and 3,5 m high. Available in a round (markilux 850) or square (markilux 750) head-box design.
Markilux 740 / 840 Markisolette - AMASVISTA Glass

Markilux 740 / 840

Sophisticated mix: the markilux 740 / 840 is the ideal combination of a vertical awning and a drop-arm awning. It is very practical. The small inconspicuous cassette made of extruded aluminium is powder-coated and when retracted the awning cover is protected from atmospheric influences by the fully encompassing cassette. The awning cover is guided along lateral strong aluminium guide tracks. Innovative drop arms with gas pistons ensure that the cover stays taut. The automatic locking device in the guide tracks prevents the arm mechanism from lifting in windy conditions.
Markilux 776 / 876 tracfix Vertikalmarkise - AMASVISTA Glass

Markilux 776 tracfix / 876 tracfix

vertical awning
The markilux 776 (square box) / 876 (round box) is a genuine designer product and pleases by virtue of its superior functionality. Permanently high cover tension is achieved by way of two special gas-piston mechanisms in the front profile operating independently of one another.
Markilux 710 / 810 Vertikalmarkise - AMASVISTA Glass

Markilux 710 / 810

vertical awning
With a round (markilux 810) or square (markilux 710) head-box design, this vertical awning is classic and reliable for cool shade and privacy. Featuring stainless steel side guide cables, it is low maintenance and corrosion resistant. The maximum width is 500 cm with a system height of 350 cm.
Markilux 730 / 830 Fallarmkassettenmarkise - AMASVISTA Glass

Markilux 730 / 830

drop-arm cassette awning
A drop-arm cassette awning with gas piston arms, promises light and heat protection in a flexible manner, allowing the arms to be pivoted to up to 140 degrees. The gas pistons provide tension for improved wind performance. Available in round (markilux 730) or square (markilux 830) head-box design.
Markilux 893 Dreieckbeschattung - AMASVISTA Glass

Markilux 893

triangular shading
The markilux 893 is ideal for triangular window applications. Featuring heavy-duty track profiles, the tensioning belts drive provide optimal cover tension at all projections. A compact teardrop cassette 117mm high, protects cover from the weather.