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The Right Awning For Every Window

exterior window awnings

The wide range of STOBAG vertical awnings offers a variety of solutions for practically every requirement and area of application.
Whether equipped with filigree wire rope guidance, guide rails, with or without counter pull principle or with the wind-stable zip principle (SIR-System™).
The proven STOBAG technology in the shading systems ensures optimum sun protection and a pleasant room climate.
Likewise, a full cassette protects the awning fabric (when the awning is retracted) from wind and weather.


The VERTICAL S4110 is a classic vertical awning. In the simplest version, this vertical awning is supplied without a full cassette. The lateral guidance is carried out optionally with INOX wire guides, chrome steel rod guides or aluminium guide rails

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The VERTICAL VS4300 light is identical in construction to the VERTICAL S4110. The difference between the two models is that the VS4300 light is equipped with a full cassette (optionally round or square). The slim design is ideal for niches - but also for all other construction situations.

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The UNIVERSAL US3510 is a compact vertical awning with a round cassette. INOX wire guides, chrome steel rod guides or aluminium guide rails are available. Mounting is possible on wall, under ceiling or niche.

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The UNIVERSAL US3910 is the larger version of the UNIVERSAL US3510. With this vertical awning, larger areas can be shaded. Both models have the same technology. Here, too, you can choose between INOX wire guides, chrome steel rod guides or aluminium guide rails. The awning is driven by a gear with a crank or optionally by an electric motor.

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All variants of the innovative VENTOSOL vertical awning are equipped with the SIR System ™ (Soft Integrated Retaining System). This system works like a zip - i.e. no annoying gap between the fabric and the guide rails. The cassette is available in round or square. The drive is via hand crank or motor (partly standard or optional). This model is also available with a panorama window (VC5300 cristal).

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