Markilux fabric detail

awning fabrics "made in Germany"


Markilux offers you a wide range of different awning fabrics - not only in terms of design, but also in terms of fabric properties. It is the unique fabrics, the colour and the texture of the awning fabric that make the atmosphere on your terrace so special. The colour nuances, patterns and structural effects of the fabrics create a special effect depending on the brightness and colour. As a leading manufacturer of high-quality awning fabrics with almost 100 years of experience in the manufacture of textiles, Markilux offers you unrivalled variety. The Markilux textile design team is constantly developing new designs that serve current trends and are characterised by timelessness. You are sure to find your personal favourite among the more than 250 designs in thematically coordinated colour worlds.

Markilux sunvas Markisentuch - AMASVISTA Glass

sunvas | The Traditional

awning fabric
textile fabric with soft, fluffy handle and soft colour lights
Markilux visutex Markisentuch - AMASVISTA Glass

visutex | The Exklusive

awning fabric
exclusive collection 50/4/me - woven fabric with a live-structured weave
Markilux perla FR Markisentuch - AMASVISTA Glass

perla FR | The Flame Retardant

awning fabric
perla FR fabric for use with special fire protection regulations
Markilux sunsilk Markisentuch - AMASVISTA Glass

sunsilk | The Brilliant

awning fabric
fabric made of refined high-tech polyester with typically brilliant luminaires
Markilux transolair Markisentuch - AMASVISTA Glass

transolair | The Transparent

awning fabric
the sunvas fabric with special perforation technique and for pleasant transparency
Markilux perfotex Markisentuch - AMASVISTA Glass

perfotex | The Functional

awning fabric
fabric with additionally aluminium coating reduces heat radiation
Markilux vuscreen ALU Markisentuch - AMASVISTA Glass

vuscreen ALU | The Reflective

awning fabric
slightly transparent fabric with aluminium particles on the fibres
Markilux perla Markisentuch - AMASVISTA Glass

perla | The Impermeable

awning fabric
high-tech fabric with waterproof and weatherproof finishing and with UPF 50+ (UV protection)
Markilux Code MX Markisentuch - AMASVISTA Glass

Code MX | awning fabric colour as desired

awning fabric
new colour system from Markilux - personalised favourite colour for the awning fabric